AQUAFLO pH Neutralising Filters

New Zealand’s natural water pH levels cause pipe corrosion 

New Zealand’s bore and roof water supplies are naturally acidic, some as low as 4.5 pH. Most are around 6.0 - 6.8 pH. At these pH levels the water is a natural solvent and will try to correct itself by absorbing minerals and metals from pipes, taps and tanks. This causes corrosion and contributes to staining problems. Even worse, a lot of the minerals and metals contained in the water (or absorbed into it) are toxic to humans in larger doses (i.e. lead, zinc, copper and others).

Use AQUAFLO pH Neutralising Filters to prevent corrosion of your pipes

How do they work? AQUAFLO pH Neutralising Filters use natural minerals, such as calcium (lime) and dolomite (heat treated to produce Akdolit) to raise the pH level of the water into the desired range. The low pH water takes up these minerals until it reaches a stable state. This prevents the water from corroding pipe work, plus makes your drinking water safe to drink without high lead, zinc or copper levels.

Treats entire water supply. Choose manual or automatic. AQUAFLO pH Neutralising Filters connect to the main waterline of your home and treat all incoming water. Units can be fitted with blending valves to control pH levels.

The control of the filter system ranges from forward flow or up flow, manual backwashing to fully automatic, where a time-clock allows adjustable backwashes from 1 to 6 days.


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