AQUAFLO Iron and Manganese Removal Systems

Iron and manganese in your water supply can severely impact your household appliances

Iron and manganese in water are the leading cause of stained water. Using untreated stained water impacts your household appliances, as it often contains a high concentration of iron and manganese. Iron and manganese in water have the following effects:

  • Metallic taste and odour affecting the flavour of food and water
  • Rusty coloured stains on sinks, plumbing fixtures, laundry and tableware
  • Coloured, inky water

The New Zealand Drinking Water Standards states that staining will occur at levels exceeding 0.2 gm/m3 for iron and 0.05 gm/m3 for manganese.

Effectively remove iron and manganese

The best method to remove iron and manganese of your water, depends on your needs. To design the right system for your water supply, AQUAFLO water experts provide a complete water analysis, followed by best practise recommendations.

How do our AQUAFLO iron and manganese removal systems work?

Our iron and manganese removal systems are composed of greensand and use potassium permanganate or chlorine to regenerate the media. Manganese greensand is a purple or black granular filter medium processed from glauconitic sand. The filter media is contained inside a fibreglass vessel, as water flows through this media, oxidation occurs which takes the iron and manganese out of solution and turns it into a particle. The particle is then trapped in the media just like a sand filter. The filter is backwashed and regenerated with a solution of potassium permanganate or chlorine based on time using a built-in automatic valve.


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