AQUAFLO - Service and Equipment Maintenance


“What makes Filtration Technology special is that we have the most knowledgeable team in the country. We get it right the first time, instead of ripping you off with a solution that does not cut it. I also enjoy being part of a company that gives back so much to the community.”

– Dave Rouse



“I am proud to be part of this company because we truly care about our customers and are continuously striving to provide high quality products and services! Ensuring water safety matters to us.”

– Lindsay MacIntosh



“I work for the Auckland sales and service team and I love it. It’s just such an energetic, knowledgeable team.”

– Andrew Maskell

At AQUAFLO, we care about customers and therefore strive to provide the best service and after-sales support possible.

We find the source of your water quality issue

AQUAFLO will find, and then eliminate the source of your water quality issue. If the condition of the water coming into your home, or premises, is unknown - if it is bore water and not town supply for instance, AQUAFLO will arrange a water test to determine its exact makeup. A sample will be taken from your water supply which will then be analysed to find the most suitable water treatment option to correct the problem.

Experienced service engineers will do the installation and commissioning

One of our friendly and experienced service engineers will install the water treatment equipment for you. Furthermore, we will fully commission the equipment for you on-site so that it is working to specification, and then show you how to operate it.

Maintaining your water treatment as quickly as possible

At AQUAFLO, we care about our customers. That’s why we make it our mission to limit the downtime for your water treatment system. We carry over $1million worth of stock, including key spare parts for most of our filtration equipment. This assists us in providing you the quickest maintenance support possible.

Knowledgeable and supportive service engineers

As AQUAFLO is a division of Filtration Technology Ltd., its employees take care of AQUAFLO customers. Our service department consists of nine engineers who are happy to support you to solve your issues and answering your questions.


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