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How to improve the quality of your water supply

Choosing how to improve the quality of your water supply can be very complicated. Is it the impurities affecting taste that is the biggest concern, or is it giardia or crytosporidium contamination? Or maybe not getting enough soap lather due to water hardness?

With an AquaFlo solution, the source of the water quality problem is first identified, then corrected by the most appropriate treatment technology. You can have confidence in using your water, no matter where it is sourced, for everyday requirements without fear your family may be drinking substandard water, or that you are ruining expensive plumbing fixtures.

If the condition of the water coming into your home, or premises, is unknown - if it is bore water and not town supply for instance, then your AquaFlo Dealer can arrange for a water test that conclusively lists its make-up.From there it is a simple exercise in selecting the most appropriate solution, be that filtration, water softening, UV filtration or a combination, etc. Having confidence in the water you drink, cook with or bathe in is a major consideration for everyone - don’t accept a compromise solution

Water supply for the farm, home, school, small communities or industry

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